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我的意思是: I mean I can't understand what you said!

I mean it的意思是:我是说真的;我是认真的 【例句】 I know but this time I mean it. 我知道,但是这次我是认真的 。 You're doing a wonderful job. I mean it. 说真的,你的工作做得很出色. "I'm not joking, " I said. "I mean it. " "We'...

What do I mean - 我的意思 What I mean - 我的意思是

我说话算话 / 我说到做到 / 我言出必行


.mean to do是“打算,企图”的意思.Mean doing是表示“意味着”的意思.如: I had meant to leave on Sunday.我本打算周日走. I mean to stay here for a long time.我打算在这儿呆很久. Missing the train means waiting for another hour. 赶不上...

I really mean it:当然是真的;我是说真的;我是当真的 双语例句: 1.I really mean it this time. Trust me, will ya? 这次是真的。相信我好不好。 2.Right now you live far away from me and I really mean it's killing me but I knowin my...

收录专辑:Be Here Now 收录单曲:D'You Know What I Mean? 单曲 D'You Know What I Mean? Step off the train all alone at dawn 破晓时分独自步下火车 Back into the hole where I was born 回到我出生的地方 The sun in the sky never raised...

前者是动词,后者是名词. 比如说:what do you mean?=what‘s your means?

哦,我不是这个意思。我的意思是你知道厕所或者洗浴室 望采纳 谢谢


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