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比较 用英语怎么说?

be compared to compare A with B 将两者对比, compare A to B讲A比作B

compared to / with ... The housing price this month is a little higher , compared to that of last month. 与上个月相比,这个月的房价略有升高。

比较两者间的差异性用英文 Compare the differences between the two.

应该是 “与 ... 对比”,可以翻译为 compared with。例如: ~He's a pygmy when compared with great musicians. 他和伟大的音乐家相比就成了侏儒。 ~Compared with her achievements, her shortcomings are onl...


compare (with)动词,比较 用法为compare ...with... compare与介词with连用,表比较的意思;compare与介词to连用,是把...比做...,比喻的意思,用法为compare...with... 如:We compare Beijing to the heart of China.

口语中的比较好是:1、It’s not bad 。 2、Not too bad 3、Fair to middling 4、Jesus Is Just Alright

中文:一切都好吗? 英文翻译:Is everything all right? 相关例句: 1.里面一切都好吗? Everything all right in there? 2.当然一切都好吗? Sure. Everything okay? 3.她一切都好吗? Is she all right? 4.你一切都好吗朋友? Ls everything al...

根据以上数据比较 According to the above data comparison


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